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Lonely epilogue
The hourglass sands
Blown away in the great winds
Oblivion speaks
:iconblakehargrave:BlakeHargrave 20 11
Nonexistent partiality
Your hill does not stand so high and your stature is short and frail.
None can see past your mangled body for their blindfolds are tight around their heads and eyes and they don't care to remove them.
These forces of the earthly realm
come at you and stalk on their beasts that don apathetic stripes.
Will and resistance whisper silently to you in the shadowy crevices you hide in but their voices continue to fade and grow silent in the coming days and you are only left with the company of your shades and spectres to torment you.
You're taken by the horsemen without mercy and restricted with demonic chains, blowing their trumpets in victory as they inact upon you senseless oppression.
Submit, you must, to these higher powers that are dry of compassion for within themselves lie withered deserts and brewing hurricanes.
Sorrow has become your guardian angel and with time you kneel before it not of your own fruition.
I can do nothing for you but embrace the great distance between us as they b
:iconblakehargrave:BlakeHargrave 24 25
Famished grievance
Jealousy rising
Just punishment enacted
Chaotic thoughts ceased
:iconblakehargrave:BlakeHargrave 26 18
A fervent anger burns my
heart away.
Cinders are left in its place
on an empty and cold heirless
A remnant of past fury cannot
be found within this aftermath.
The trees of violence have overshadowed and conquered.
Whom are the first fruits of
hatred and I do not wonder why.
Nor do the winds wonder for
they are silent in this season.
:iconblakehargrave:BlakeHargrave 40 44
Tempest spirit
The sea groans and wails
Cold sands stimulate briskly
Distant grey clouds clap
:iconblakehargrave:BlakeHargrave 44 47
Beneath the serpent's fang
Unnerving thoughts race with
great speed inside this cranium. Ricocheting back and forth against
the grey matter painted walls they
are encased in.
Extorting cracks to erupt on
great wings of disparity.
These dilated crags still grip the
bars of sight in desperate frailty.
They are cursed by an offensive
scene whose animation is profane.
This armor, worn and torn.
Bruised by war's asperity.
Unrighteously, I play death's
melody with a nefarious instrument, expelling bullets mingled with wasted souls which groan and moan with timeless enmity against me.
Upon the skull pile, my boot rests.
O how unlucky I am to be
the Reaper's scythe.
To fornicate with a fate that is deathless.
Helmets busted from close proximity explosions.
Dust clogs my lungs like old machinery backed up with bones and excessively rusted cogs.
These cuts are opened floodgates.
They warrant an escape for this
blood, polluted by the fumes of strife.
Wretchedly marinating this earth.
Seeping and flowing richly like
:iconblakehargrave:BlakeHargrave 31 32
Sweet decay I hold
The flies in my head cease not
Absent redemption
:iconblakehargrave:BlakeHargrave 41 32
To be: 5th incarnation verse 57
My heart, I do not place in
the thick tar pits of deep black.
Unwise to do so for the
restoration of it would be difficult.
Nor do I place it in the hands
of the devil to be used as an inkwell
to break his deals with crackheads
and worn out rockstars searching for
omnipotent glory.
However, how inadequate am I as
I am weighed down by the yoke
of my curse?
Like a worm lying helpless within the
morning ground for the birds to pick at.
If only I held the strength of Samson
to break the walls that hold this
rotten cadaver of mine.
Or the wisdom of Solomon to outwit
any pantheon of gods that aim to keep
me in my unrest.
I am a brother of wolves, apart
from humankind.
The lute plays for me a song in
the sight of my struggle as I beg and welcome any warm bosom to come
my way through the snowy dens of insufferable majesty.
Although, to have breath in my lungs is to have hope in the sight of predators.
To possess a shield in the sight of arrows seeped in shameful malice.
All in hopes of grabbin
:iconblakehargrave:BlakeHargrave 23 50
A party hosting the normal
and unburdened.
No beasts or devils to attend.
The eyes on ther brains are blinded by
inexperience and self-righteousness.
They wear their extravagant suits
and queenlike dresses.
All unknown to devilish angst.
My tarnished pillars are set
in this place.
Holding no power to refuse
such an architectural design,
I don the mask of a sad hare
within this blank canvas of a room.
Through it, I see no jewels or
precious stones as I ought to.
There is no aid to come.
No wings to assist nor a chariot
of wind to take me.
None would wish to approach a
mask so unruly.
:iconblakehargrave:BlakeHargrave 25 48
To be a hero
Once I clenched my fist with doggedness as I stood within the shadows of the eldritch wood.
Grit, I took by the hand.
Its fingers wrapped in mine.
Just as it would be for the hands
of lovers who embrace in affection.
All this to keep from the precipice
of my insanity.
My abysmal pit filled with a deep and horrid blue.
Though the flavor of my battles
had abandoned me, the redolence
of my iron had not.
Seeking a desperate heat that
my spirit once subdued with success.
Like that of a hot forge and the power of its smith's rusted hands to dominate it.
However, there came about
one whose name was whore.
Whom civilization did not want
for the desires that followed her
only gave way to vermin and vermin
gave way to plagues.
Both served her and kept close
to her vampiric-pale thighs.
Within the pine I met her.
In a brothel she dubbed her
house of worship.
On the outside of it, at the highest peak, the crows stood as deathly beasts and held an appearance as black as that of the infinite seas of
:iconblakehargrave:BlakeHargrave 18 23
A white winter road is not
what I behold.
Grand imaginings of a crisp black
as the falling ash reveals its face to me.
The individual snowflakes become clones of one another.
Experiencing the objective pain
in a smokey trance.
The demagogue of grey wolves.
Tearing flesh blindfolded.
Searing within the mind's eye a
cursing brand of malice.
Hollow and feeble as strength fades.
Wrestling the current becomes a vindictive task.
Trust melted down into gold and silver.
The tongue is not unfamiliar with
that certain taste.
But atleast the pleasure of a sunset
will be waiting for me at the abrupt end.
:iconblakehargrave:BlakeHargrave 23 8
Caught between the teeth of an engima
The caw of a crow
Harshest on the battlefield
No war was won here
:iconblakehargrave:BlakeHargrave 23 16
Doubting sword
The tragic theater sets its
stage in the dusty field.
Lo, the red sun descends below
the horizon.
Far from the dawn of morning.
The humble night shall be long
and the moon shall be fitting.
The unfortunate dance of fire,
sparing not the teeth of a man
nor the body of his home.
O, how gluttonous it must be.
Giving birth to tormenting smoke.
War horses trample through
the people without mercy:
Just as locusts feast off the
bounty of the land.
Whose sport is war?
That it has gained such renown?
I ponder this when their blood
has kissed the ground.
May the heart of war cease
to beat.
May its voice; the trumpet,
not be as a siren's call:
Filled with wicked deceit.
:iconblakehargrave:BlakeHargrave 25 21
Beyond material
I take a bite from the fruit of
gratefulness and humility.
Taking peeks at the moon
when the sun has fallen.
Pondering on powers that are
beyond my own.
Tribulation isn't ideal and yet
I take a bite from the fruit
of gratefulness and humility.
Only gaining lower thoughts.
:iconblakehargrave:BlakeHargrave 22 27
Beauty in eyes
The beauty of eyes, truly unknown to me before.
Mine had hardly met another's.
Travelling everywhere except towards
the window that lead inside.
A feature that goes beyond gorgeous. Drawing the beauty that is present.
Impossible not to stare in awe and wonder.
A soul that holds the candle
of love and respect.
A feature that is important: Complimenting the whole countenance itself.
The opposite of dull and blank but instead, presenting the details of
the rivers and seas alike and so on to the stones and smaller things.
:iconblakehargrave:BlakeHargrave 25 25
New perspective
Peering close to the tiny thing.
There is something unseen before.
Although, "kill" is our first thought,
Seeing it as something else stires
a deep love within.
I, a giant to it, can still love
what is smaller in stature.
Letting it go into another place
to survive in a world different
than mine.
:iconblakehargrave:BlakeHargrave 17 23


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